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Active back pain

Back pain in athletes and amateur athletes is very common.
lucy wright back pain case study

There are different structures in your back that can produce pain.

Part of a thorough assessment is determining the structural source of the pain/diagnosis and adjusting your activities effectively to keep you active but also allow your injury to recover and strengthen.

Keeping active fast tracks back pain recovery. Depending on the structure involved, I will often prescribe exercise like swimming or cycling, as well as strength work, as part of your recovery.

Tom initially came to me with significant lower back disc pain and sciatica. He has already had disc surgery but flare-ups following surgery are not uncommon. 

Initial management

  • Initial management is always about pain reduction.
  • Release work of the muscle spasm and mobilisation of his upper back and hips. 

Secondary management

  • Secondary management then teaching self-release strategies for home to offload the sciatic nerve and starting a strength program that his disc could cope with.

4-6 weeks

  • After approximately 4-6 weeks he can start returning to running, cycling and surfing at a normal volume.

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